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Monthly Challenge LIQUID - please vote!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2016, 5:55 AM

ALL INFO ABOUT THE THEMATIC FOLDER HERE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Folder open to all members of


and Affiliated Groups:

:iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos:

:icontraditionalpainting: :iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros:

Hello dear members, friends and watchers,

welcome to the Monthly Challenge at TheFavouriteShowcase:
 instead of using the Polls to choose our winners, we'll be using a blog to showcase our favourites
on this theme!
This means, or so I hope, more exposure for your pieces and galleries.

The idea is simple: each work has a number and all deviants have the opportunity to vote like if it was a poll...with the difference that you will choose not one but 3 favourites!

All deviants may vote, INCLUSIVE who is participating;
the participants may vote for themselves and ask friends and watchers to vote;
this blog may have publicity by all means and be submitted in groups. 

The work with most votes wins 100 points;
the second place wins 75, the 3rd place wins 50 and the 4th wins 25  Points.

These prizes can be updated for the next themes with the help of our friends.

You may also help by clicking on our stamp :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and making a donation.

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Follow the RULES to VOTE...

Police NOTE: The participants who don't vote aren't eligible to win.

This month the theme was "LIQUID"

featuring anything in the liquid state,
including beverages, waterscapes, rain, wet people or wet animals

HERE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  RULES to VOTE  Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! 

(read careful, it's very simple)
*everyone can participate in the voting, you don't have to be a member of TheFavouriteShowcase.

1. Choose your favourite 3 works from below;

2. See the correspondent number before the thumb?

Comment on this blog by writing the numbers of your favourite works, like this:

21, 26, 29

You have 3 votes to give and you must give all the 3 votes.
Comments with more or fewer votes will be ignored.

3. You don't have to do anything else  Thumbs Up 

This voting will be open until the 30th September and the winners will be announced on the 1st October.
The next theme "SUGAR" will be open to submissions on the 1st OCTOBER.

Thank you for participating!

                                                                                      Traditional Art

1...  Bubbles by lemgras330

by lemgras330 


                                                                         Traditional Art

2... Elephantfun by Ahau2

by Ahau2 


3... Liquid by Pajunen

by Pajunen 


4... Photographics games VII - Another simple drop. by AlejandroCastillo

by AlejandroCastillo 


5... Having Fun with the Puddle by Scorpidilion

by Scorpidilion 

                                                               Traditional Art

6... Oceanic Wanderer by PhilipHarvey

by PhilipHarvey 


                                                           Digital Art

7... Kirsten by CristianSJuarez

by CristianSJuarez 

                                                              Traditional Art

8... Glass of water by Anbeads

by Anbeads 



9... ravenna 22 by MK-NI

by MK-NI 


                                                                                Digital Art

10... Underwater Self by osiskars

by osiskars 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Traditional Art

11... Seascape Oil on Canvas with brush and knife by uchihacrush

by uchihacrush 


                                                                                    Traditional Art

12... Deco Wave by ArtbyjoelK

by ArtbyjoelK 


13... Lucent by endprocess83

by endprocess83 


                                                            Traditional Art

14... Liquid by LualaDy

by LualaDy 

                                                           Traditional Art

15... Invaded by Hedgesloth

by Hedgesloth 

                                                                                           Traditional Art   

16... Ichthyosaur Group by EsthervanHulsen

by EsthervanHulsen 



                Traditional Art             

17... Psychedelic reflections by maarten82

by maarten82 


                                                      Traditional Art

18... Waterfall by vladimirsangel

by vladimirsangel

Digital Art - Photomanipulation                            

19... water goddess 2 by Lolita-Artz

by Lolita-Artz 


                                                                                   Traditional Art

20... Living Water by AmBr0

by AmBr0 


Divider by lexypuppy228



accepting all visual media, old or new works,
featuring anything
sweetened with sugar or the sugar itself.

Folder open to all members of


and Affiliated Groups:

:iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos:
:icontraditionalpainting: :iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros:

Elsa, Egil21 :iconpinklilyplz: on behalf of  :iconthefavouriteshowcase:

Limits in groups and Add Media restrictions

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 20, 2016, 8:15 AM

This is published in:

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos:
:icontraditionalpainting: :iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros:

I'm administrating 8 groups on dA: :iconthefavouriteshowcase: was founded by me 6 years ago and the others were all adopted, their founders couldn't take care of them and asked for help because they didn't want to see them closed and neither did I - so you may imagine that all of this is much work and many hours spent.

My original group was Super Group until last year but, after so many problems I had to deal with (issues in the management of galleries, poll issues, blog issues, request issues, invite issues, log issues) , I decided I wouldn't pay any more for a bad service.

I was almost for a year (since July 2015 until May 2016) without sending invites to join the group, which were blocked because of a messed coding:
The Help Desk response was that "it is very hard to code groups" :? (Confused) Seriously?, that they were working on it (they took almost a year to figure it out!!!)...

...and now they go and mess up the code for submissions in groups! :slowclap: by random-nothings

Kudos, DeviantArt - this time, how long will we have to wait so you can figure it out?

For those how don't know (mainly because DA didn't warn anyone - which is a great lack of respect toward group administrators, to say the least) the limit to submit to a group is now 10 works per day.

You may say: hey, 10 works per day are plenty of works, are you crazy?

Why are you against this measure?

I'm not against the measure, in fact I agree with it, regarding to group members.

I'm against the way in which it was implemented:

  • without warning anyone;
  • treating admins like members, imposing the same limits - for example, I don't submit my work to my original group, but I request works of others - and now I'm limited to 10 requests per day;
  • Super Groups having the same limits.

Coding groups is indeed very difficult and now the settings are completely crazy:

  • Three of my groups, though they are set for 1 submission per day per folder, are completely open - in one of them, one of the new members went on a submission spree and could submit 36 works, 10 of them in the same folder!!! On those I can request more than 10 works per day, of course, and I don't know the limits - one time I could request more than 30 and then I stopped...
  • On the others, some were open to unlimited requests from my contributors, now they are set for 1 per day! I tried to set them for the current total, which is 10, and simply doesn't work, they continue limited to one!
  • On one group, someone reported a limit of 1 per 30 days! Seriously? It was set for 1 work per day per folder and we have 11 open folders, so even with this limit of 10 per day our members, if it applied, could submit to almost all folders in 1 day...

I didn't try yet but it seems if I reset the settings they will function as they should (though I've heard by other administrators who tried it isn't working, the settings are blocked), but as I said I'm managing 8 groups, they have a lot of folders - so thank you dA for the extra work, I didn't have anything better to do than set what was already set...

I just don't understand:

if the group coding is so difficult, why, but why?, are they messing with it?

And why changing the limits, specially on Super Groups (and I don't have any Super Group now, but I can't agree with that - if an administrator is paying, they have to be better served!)?

Responsible administrators, paying administrators, are being prejudiced by others, who simply don't care and make groups just because they can, with no limits and on self management, opening a new folder when the previous is full.
When they get tired of running those groups, they leave the group to die, with full folders which are clogging dA servers.

And the brilliant solution that dA found was to prejudice us instead of cleaning their home, starting for removing all the garbage.

So, if you are a member on one of my groups, you can report to me your problems with submitting but, sincerely and sadly, I can't do anything about it.
Some members are leaving, but I hope you can understand that dA is making the life of group administrators very difficult.

Please, bear with us and support us.

For those who make features another limit is imposed, this one really restrictive: on the Add Media option only shows 32 favourites for each folder - which I found out just now, doing the following feature. This is really sad for someone who is on dA like me, mainly to promote art and artists. This is a great setback, they provided us some tools and now they are taking them back, complicating everyone's life... I'm feeling very sad, tired and frustrated.
This is the last time I'm commenting these issues, it feels like yelling at a wall...

More articles on these issues:

Changes for ALL Groups
This is a blog for   DevNews  ~  These other Groups will, also, feature the blog:  ohioDeviants   Group-Eaze   disney-parkhoppers   DisneyDreamers  
Lurking  RE: Changes in Groups and "Add Media"
deviantART Groups  ALL groups now have a ten submission-per-day limit for galleries AND Favorites for Founders, Administrators and Members. Not per folder. Per DAY; a 24-hour period from the second a Deviation is submitted, and not a DA "day" that starts and ends at midnight PST or PDT, so no thinking ten items can be submitted at 11:30 PM PST then again at 12:01 AM PST!
Be advised that the ten-per-day limit is for Super Groups, as well as Non-Subscribed Groups!
That means for DevNews especially, it will be far more difficult to run the group since the gallery depends on being able t
Has dA lost its prime?Assalamo alaykum and hello all my friends. I hope you are all doing great. Enjoying awesome health and weather. And I am sorry for being so inactive, life is too busy these days.
I saw many friends talking about dA on recent 'incident' and I saw many people closing their groups or even thinking of getting rid of dA all together. So I thought may be I should also add my two cents in case someone would be interested in it.
Being a software engineer what I have come to conclude is that dA owners are having severe problems in running this site. We are seeing more and more server related issues this year and they are only getting worse. They had to decrease the number of requests (http post/get...) per day to keep in their server budget and do whatever it takes to get more money so they can keep running this site.
Core was what they first thought might help them in buying more resources in AWS ('Amazon web services' which provides the server, storage, cloud and all other online stuff) but t
Group Submission Limits and Issues with dAAll right. I'm going to be adding links to other journals on this issue as I find them in addition to sharing my experience and why I don't like the new feature concerning group submission limits. Please don't ignore this journal, this is important for all of us users. Thanks in advance to everyone who reads the whole journal.
By now you probably know that groups have a maximum submission limit of 10 deviations per day per folder. This isn't really news anymore.
I am an admin of 8 groups, in 7 of those, I'm the founder. I submit anything to my groups that fits their purpose, mostly only for the seven I created, as the other is quite large and have more active members. I have experienced problems adding deviations to my group gallery, primarily for OriginalComicsGalore. I should be able to add 10 deviations to each folder per day, as you can see here: I have double checked the setting for my group. It doesn't help or change anything. I c


How I fixed my group request limitAt the end of August 2016, DeviantArt released a change to groups, limiting submissions in a group to 10 a day. This change also impacted the request limit for admins. And it was clear from the start that something was wrong. Some groups were able to request many artworks a day while others only 10 or even less. And there were also other issues: members submissions way higher than 10 a day, groups being hacked because their invites as admins were suddenly automatically approved, and maybe other issues that I don't know of. Since my own group was limited to a maximum of 10 requests a day, I decided, with the collaboration of the help desk, to investigate.
This article is an attempt to help groups with similar request issues as mine. I can't guarantee that what I've done with my group will work with yours. I cannot guarantee either that everyone of those steps are necessary. This is just what I've done and it fixed my problems somehow!
But if you are reading this because you wish to know

Thank you so much Stygma :iconstygma:

As previous said, settings are messed up, so for our monthly challenge entries it seems that submissions were blocked to one, while in other folders it seems submissions are completely open without limits.
I humbly ask to TheFavouriteShowcase' s members to be considerate and don't go on a submission spree, even if you can.

September challenge was LIQUID, accepting all visual media, old or new works, featuring anything in the liquid state, including beverages, waterscapes, rain, wet people or wet animals.
The folder is closed now and I'm sorry for any inconvenience that the wrong settings have caused you.
Anyway, you can find the Monthly Challenge Folder here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…


Penguin by AmBr0 Graylag Geese Drawing by EsthervanHulsen 
 Moonlit Inn by annewipf MeltinG by OFaia  
Brian 1 by kootenayphotos Blues on the Beach by Marl1nde Swim at dusk by gigi50
Im Strom by feigenfrucht Soul Thief by AdryelArt Dancing over the edge by reziel Magical Waterfalls I by AlejandroCastillo
Sea shore by Lubov2001 Surf Montauk by MrDSir
Sea by charlyotte Mexico - Agua Azul by lux69aeterna
ravenna 12 by MK-NI Let's swim! by Martith Hold your breath by AnessaFangs TEMPERANCE 3 ~ TAROT CARD by DAGAIZM
I Am Numb by lemgras330  Weedy Seadragon by Ama-Encyclopika  Sumie momiji and reflection by bsshka
 UF Ocean3 by Alena1950 Liquid Gold by EyeOfTheKat  Strawberries by Saskle
Clownsfish by Katinka-Duval  Watery Smoke by Hertz18360 Fluid Thoughts by TokyoMoonlight
Raindrops by Clu-art Fountain by BillyNikoll Milchschaum by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Mermaid Umi by SamichasArt Sky's Puddle by FemtoGraphy glow by tomoyo696
Land Meets Sea by Daemare Sailing into the Sunset by Lilleninja
53 by Alekos44 Round in the Water by FDugourdCaput Feeling blue by wcqaguxa
Port at Lake Balaton by Maneeco The Little Mermaid by GiovanniChis Long-tailed Grey Macaque Monkey by DavidGrieninger



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Heartist by Nameda


Current Residence: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Favourite genre of music: All, but not too loud, please
Favourite style of art: All
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Favourite cartoon character: Obélix
Personal Quote: I love beauty in any form - life is beautiful!


Do you have a dA Portfolio? Here's mine 

92 deviants said I don't know how to have one :saddummy:
84 deviants said :paranoid: No.
49 deviants said :nuu: I want one too!!!
45 deviants said Yes! :dance: I'll give you the link!

My Adoptable - Alcor

The Luvbies - Alcor by CristianaLeone

Just curious^^ Where are you from? 

129 deviants said I thought it would be nice to make a journal showing where some of you live :) Comment here and send me some links (if you have photos) - I'd love to (virtually) visit your hometown.

Hello, where do you come from?

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Ok, I said to myself "I won't get into this!!!" because I hate when I see it on other deviants' pages - and I hate even more when I see them asking for 20000 or 50000 :lol: Yes, some of them are shameless!

Well, I don't want to excuse me, but this is to the prizes to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4h places on the Monthly Theme @ TheFavouriteShowcase
This is my group, where I have proposed myself to support any deviant who wants to expose his/her art.
We are by now more than 5000 and I hope I'm doing a good job - I want to do a good job! :nod:
So, these points are for those members who participate and make this group an active and alive group :heart:

I don't have much to give on return (of course, if you like to join us on the group, you are very welcome) but regularly I'll add your icon on the "thank you" blog. Also, if you give 10 or more points, I'll feature you here on my page - I promise a visit to your page to see your work :)

Thank you! Any point is appreciated!Catch them points by BurgerBunny

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Starting date 24-June-2016

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